What Happens When Tom Cruise Invites You to His Personal Gym

Are you fed up with Tom Cruise yet? Universal is hoping you aren’t, because they basically turned The Mummy into the Tom Cruise show. I’ve got to imagine that working with the diminutive diva is a nightmare though. Drama follows Crusie wherever he goes, and even though he was trying to be a pal, drama came between him and Mummy co-star Jake Johnson.

The New Girl actor was busting his ass to get in shape for the movie. Cruise being Cruise, saunters over and is all like, “Hey bro, come use my gym.” Most of us would figure, thanks, I will use your gym. On the other hand, Cruise is crazy, so maybe we’d suspect shenanigans.

But when Johnson showed up things weren’t so simple. A trainer barred him entry. “You can’t go in right now because Tom is working out,” they said. Johnson must have been weirded out, so he left. When Cruise found him later that day he said, “What happened to you? I thought you said you were going to work out this morning?” Johnson told Cruise what had happened, and Tom was pissed.

“Let me make something crystal clear,” Cruise said to Johnson, with an intensity somewhere between Jerry McGuire and A Few Good Men. “I don’t care what anybody on the crew says to you, they don’t know what I’m saying to you. And I’m saying to you that you are always welcome.

So Cruise totally didn’t tell anyone else about the gym date right? The guy is in so deep, he probably assumes that just by saying something, he wills it into existence. Johnson didn’t seem to mind though. When asked about working with Cruise, he just said, “He’s the best.”

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