Chrissy Teign Already Knows Her Husband Looks Like a Giant Baby

If you were thinking of sending pictures of a baby that looks like John Legend to Chrissy Teigen, she already knows that they look alike. She’s apparently spent all weekend looking at pictures of babies who look like her husband on Twitter. She saw so many of them, in fact, that she told her followers to stop. She also added that John just kind of looks like a baby.

To be fair, some of these babies really look like John Legend. Like this handsome little fellow:

Legend himself had chimed in early to agree with a tweeter theorizing that John Legend just kind of looked like a baby.

Compared to the sorts of things that normally get spammed at people on Twitter, pictures of babies that kind of look like your husband don’t seem that bad. And while I’m sure that there are a lot of babies who look like other celebrities as well, you just don’t get nearly as many retweets when your baby looks like Seal or Marlon Brando.

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