Evan Rachel Wood’s Demon Cleaning Kit Is Not Weird. She’s Just Playing

Evan Rachel Wood has been famous since birth. Seriously, she was born in 1987 and on television in 1994. I could barely sleep in my own room when I was seven (my room was upstairs and it was dark and scary, ok). And she was on television.

When you’ve been famous for that long, you see some crazy things. I assume. I don’t actually know. But I draw these assumptions based on the fact that Evan Rachel Wood feels it necessary to carry around a “demon cleaning kit.”

Yes. A demon cleaning kit.

What is a demon cleaning kit? Oh, just some sage and the gemstone tiger’s eye. You know, everyday items for normal people.

Why was she not pressed on this demon cleaning kit? What possesses a woman to feel the need to have such a thing? She mentioned that she has been binge watching Friends on Netflix. Did she watch Stranger Things prior to that and say, “I’m not taking any chances”?

Unless this is all a ruse. In the same interview, Wood told a story about her son.

“He said something to me that was so profound I wanted to put it on a T-shirt. I was just poking fun at him lovingly one day and I said, ‘You’re weird,’ and he said, ‘I’m not weird. I’m playing.’ And I was like, that’s the most brilliant thing I’ve ever heard. I’m not weird, I’m just playing. That’s my motto for life from now on.”

Evan Rachel Wood isn’t weird with her demon cleaning kit. She’s just playing.

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