Here’s What Michael Jackson Would Have Looked Like Today If He Was Alive…And Black

On a 2007 episode of the British music-themed panel show Nevermind the Buzzcocks, host Simon Amstel asked Jermaine Jackson if he’d ever had plastic surgery. When Jermaine said no, Amstel replied “But you look so different to Michael.” A 2015 documentary from Channel 5 called The Ten Faces of Michael Jackson purports to show what Michael would have looked like if not for the cosmetic surgery he had (and denied) over the years.

Unsurprisingly, the reconstructed face the documentary came up with looks a bit more like his brothers and less like Madonna, who I guess he made out with, than what Jackson actually looked like.

The biggest problem with this is that even if Jackson hadn’t had any cosmetic surgery, his skin still would have turned the albino-white we saw in the later years of his life. Jackson’s autopsy revealed that Jackson did indeed have vitiligo, a condition that results in pigment loss in the skin.

Despite having died years ago, Jackson is back in the news recently because CBS is airing an animated Michael Jackson Halloween special later this year. Presumably around Halloween, but who am I to tell CBS how to run a TV network? They had Two and a Half Men on for like, eleven years and that seemed to work out despite the content of the show. No word from CBS on which Michael Jackson will be used in the special, but since it’s airing on CBS, my money is on the white one.

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6 years ago

mj WAS black. he was never white. he had vitiligo (and lupus). so today he would look like a 58 year old black man with freaking vitiligo. your ignorance is appalling. leave that poor man alone.