Migos Claim Racial Profiling After Kicked Off Flight

Man, I hated to fly before I knew that airlines were just gangs of flying thugs waiting to assault me. I’m, shall we say, swarthy, and I always find myself getting randomly searched at the airport. I’ve never gotten straight-up kicked off of a flight though. If rap trio Migos is to be believed, it’s probably because I’m not dark skinned enough.

The hip hop group, whom Drake has been crushing after, is not universally beloved. On a Friday flight from Atlanta to Des Moines (that’s what you get for trying to fly to Des Moines I guess), one Migos member (a Migo?) got the crew booted for failing to comply with a flight attendant’s order. He fell asleep with his backpack not properly stowed, and things escalated until he was finally asked to leave.

Asked is not the right word. Airlines ask you to do something in the same way armed muggers or state troopers ask you to do something, There’s always the threat of violence behind their words. Migos’ manager is claiming racial profiling. Does that sound ridiculous to you? Then you must be new to airplanes, who’ve been running a campaign against dark skinned people since planes were desegregated in 1965.

It sounds like someone is getting sued. I know I’m looking into taking the bus or the train in the future. This is getting ridiculous.

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