China Is Still Mad At Gigi Hadid For Buddha Cookie Incident

Oh boy, Gigi Hadid ha-did something stupid months ago and people are getting mad about it all over again. Remember when Gigi held up a Buddha-shaped cookie and squinted beside it because the cookie had those “Brock from Pokémon” eyes? Dumb, but probably harmless, a description of both the act and Hadid herself.

Well, the young model is going to be in the Victoria’s Secret fashion show in Shanghai later this year, and according to the Evening Standard, some people in China are not happy about it, because China does not countenance racism!

Okay, clearly China countenances some racism, but racism against Chinese people is right out. According The Standard:

One user commented: “We like some people who respects us, not you. What you have done made us unhappy. And Chinese do not welcome you. So don’t come to China (sic).”

Another posted: “As a Chinese, we don’t welcome racist to China.”

A third claimed they had reported her to the Chinese authorities, writing: “I have reported to the Chinese government, and I hope you can not come to China.” Her comments were also littered with snake emojis while others branded her “shameful”.

I really don’t want to get in the middle of this. Gigi Hadid did a dumb thing. The people who are mad at her are likely fine with all sorts of offensive imagery as long as it isn’t aimed at them. So here are some pictures of Hadid from her Instagram.

Did you know that because of China’s One Child Policy and a preference for male children, there are 115 Chinese boys born for every 100 Chinese girls? That’s absolutely true, I didn’t make that up. Maybe the people trying to keep Hadid out should rethink their positions with that in mind.

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