Ed Sheeran Brought Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom Back Together

Looking for comfort after failing to take down Taylor Swift and Witness was met with mediocre reviews and poor sales, Katy Perry turned back to an old flame.

No, not Russell Brand. She’s not that desperate. Yet.

But Orlando Bloom.

Perry and Bloom were spotted leaving an Ed Sheeran concert together, six months after their February split. If Ed Sheeran is credited for reuniting Katy Perry and Orlando Bloom, he may have to re-quit social media over the backlash from Bloom’s Bunch. I just assume that what Orlando Bloom fangirls call themselves. Please don’t correct me if I’m wrong.

A source told PEOPLE that the two have been in touch since the break-up. “They ended things as friends. They continue to be friends,” said the source. Friends don’t take friends to an Ed Sheeran concert unless they are looking to become more than friends. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience.

A second source said that they aren’t officially back together, but that they are open to the possibility of rekindling their relationship.

Concert goers claimed that they saw Perry and Bloom holding hands and kissing at Sheeran’s concert.

While that certainly looks like Bloom in the second video, I can’t 100 percent confirm it’s him until he takes his pants off. As for the girl, sure, it could be Katy Perry. It could also be Justin Bieber. They have similar builds from behind.

Pics or GTFO.

All those people at the concert and the best anyone posted was a decent video of Bloom’s face and Perry walking away? For shame people of Los Angeles, for shame.

Perry and Bloom split after a ten-month relationship that saw public nudity and public creampies. At the time of the split, a Perry source claimed that the relationship became too much like work. Based on her Saturday Night Live dance moves and lack of substance on Witness, it’s obvious that Perry hasn’t put much work into anything in the last year or so.

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