Hugh Hefner, 91, Died

Hugh Hefner, 91, founder of the iconic Playboy magazine and brand, died at his home Wednesday surrounded by loved ones. Hopefully he died like how he lived, with a raging erection surrounded by nude centerfolds.

Hefner not only founded Playboy in 1953, but soon put the Playboy Mansion on the map with his legendary parties. It’s been said that you haven’t partied until you contracted an STD in the grotto at the Mansion. Actually, people don’t say that. I just made that up. Anyway, those parties ended a few years ago after he sold the mansion last August.

Hefner is survived by four children and his 31-year-old Playboy model wife, Crystal Hefner.

I’m not going to write a lengthy post about what else he’s done, you can go to any other site for that, but I’d like to just thank this man for giving children everywhere a glimpse of tits at the grocery store.

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Or it could be that he was 91.


Doubt it, his whole life was heaven…also as God and all religions are hogwash. He defiantly won’t be going!!!!


If she signed a pre-nup, then she already knew she’d get nothing on his death. That doesn’t make her a gold digger, but eww.


She actually got $5milion dollars and a $7 million home. Part of the marriage deal. It is all in a trust that is solely in her name.


I’m sure she knew all about it when she married him also. She should be pretty well set for life if she is smart about it. This arrangement prevented any endless fights between her and the kids, and he got to decide exactly what would go to charities and to his children without any extra hassle. It must have been worth it to her, although she was initially a reluctant bride.


I would have a Level A Hazmat Suit

eboe thrasher

The $1000 WAS the clothing allowance. Learn to figure shit out.


Has nobody thought that she got her “inheritance” before he died. Gifts, cash and otherwise, his name, etc. I am sure she is not hurting financially!

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