Miley Cyrus Is the Nude Cover Model for David LaChapelle’s New Book, Doesn’t Look Like a Teenaged Boy This Time

Famed photographer David LaChapelle has a new book of his work coming soon, and publisher Taschen has revealed the cover of Lost + Found: Part I will feature a nude Miley Cyrus as naked fairy on what is, judging from her hair, a very humid day.

Taschen describes the book as “a visual recording of the times we live in and the issues we face, expressed through David LaChapelle’s unique and distinctive vision. Featuring a monumental curation of images that have never before been published in book form, it chronicles LaChapelle’s strongest images as a visionary to date while encapsulating our time in history.”

I imagine that Miley’s husband Billy Ray Cyrus must be exceptionally proud of that his wife will be on the cover of such an esteemed collection of work by a beloved photographer. Wait, what do you mean that she’s his daughter? What about that Vanity Fair photo shoot? Wow, that is now super creepy to me. And everyone has known about this for ten years and just let them keep being famous? Okay, whatever man, I’m not going to judge.

So last time I checked, Miley was playing down the whole “take a look at my tits” angle, but when David LaChapelle wants to take naked photos of someone, they generally don’t say no. Imagine having that superpower. Spend a few decades being one of the world’s greatest living photographers and then beautiful celebrities line up to do softcore porn shoots with you. Easy, right?

Miley Cyrus is no stranger to being photographed nude, but this time she doesn’t look like a 13-year-old boy. Probably because this is a serious photo shoot with an esteemed photographer and not a quick “look, I’m not on the Disney Channel anymore!” layout for a publication too cheap to even provide her with a razor before the shoot.

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Perry de Havilland

“Man, fuck that guy” … why? Maybe WIlliams thought the reshoot was a good idea & so wanted to help it happen, but Wahlberg thought the whole reshoot was a colossal indulgence & so wanted to get paid for his work? Do you get upset every time you encounter someone with a different point of view?


Fuck that guy because workin’ women means any man has a better chance at finding a decent sugar mama.

I’ll GLADLY be the poor househusband that has to do some cleaning and gets to hang out in the kitchen all day!


I reeeeeeeealy hope this dill-hole is shooting blanks. I wonder if his fiancee has a college degree.

Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello
Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello
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