Ric Flair Has Probably Taken Your Mom to Space Mountain

Longtime wrestling fans know that Ric Flair has taken many women to Space Mountain. The stylin’ and profilin’, limousine ridin’, jet flyin’, wheelin’ dealin’, son of a gun makes panties drop when he shows up in a suit that costs more than your house.

But just how many women has Flair bedded during his time?

Roughly 10,000 according to Flair himself. Flair made the comment as part of his ESPN 30 for 30 documentary that airs in November.

That number may seem high, but it’s half of Wilt Chamberlain’s 20,000 mark and probably low given everything I know about wrestling and Ric Flair.

Being a writer, I chose to skip doing math throughout my life. TMZ worked out that Flair has slept with 3.6 women per week starting at the age of 15 to reach the 10,000 number. People will either be impressed or believe the number is unrealistic, but again, this all seems low to me.

Ric Flair started wrestling in the early 1970’s, around the age of 23. By 27, he was The Nature Boy. Flair had a peak from mid-1970 to mid-1990 where I’m going to assume that he was sleeping with at least seven women a week. I arrive at that number based on the fact that pro wrestlers sleep with a lot of women, especially during that 20-year time period. You see, there are these women called “ring rats” in wrestling. They literally go to events just to sleep with wrestlers. Flair probably had at least one ring rat in every town he visited. So, it’s not impossible to believe that he was sleeping with a new woman every night for over 20 years. Some nights, he probably had multiple women.

That’s why I wasn’t worried during Flair’s recent health scare. This man won’t die on a death bed. He will die on a sex bed. That’s the only way the Nature Boy knows how to go.

The only industry that gives you the chance to sleep with more people than pro wrestling is porn.

Despite his claim, Flair told People that he regrets his comments.

“I wish I hadn’t said that because of my grandkids. I only love one now.”

Sure, he may only love one now, but that doesn’t mean he still isn’t out there asking women if they wanna ride Space Mountain.

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