Gonna Be Hard for Ric Flair to ‘Woooo!!!!’ His Way Out of Multiple Organ Problems

So, Ric Flair has been in the hospital for an undisclosed surgery. Before the surgery, the doctors put him into a medically-induced coma. Those are never good words.

Now, his fiancee Wendy Barlow has asked for everyone’s prayers.

I took Ric to the Hospital Friday night with severe abdominal pain.

From that moment it all seems like a nightmare…multiple organ problems.

Not to go into too many details I want everyone to know he still needs Prayers as he is still in critical condition.

There really haven’t been many details, but it doesn’t sound good. If you go through Flair’s Instagram, he seems really down to earth.

Check out this Complex video of him shopping for shoes.

Barlow also added:

And No he did not have colon surgery….It was another surgery.

I don’t know how the Media comes up with their stories.

Umm, good to know? This is Barlow basically saying, “Ric Flair’s asshole is just fine, thank you very much.”

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