Weed Might Give You Spontaneous Orgasms If You’re a Woman

Have you ever wanted to smoke weed so good that it brought you to orgasm without touch? Well, this woman has found that weed.

In a study by the Journal of Sex & Marital Therapy, they describe the case of a 40-year-old woman who busted out in spontaneous orgasms after smoking marijuana. However, before you head to your local drug dealer and say, “I’ll have what she’s having,” just know that there are some prerequisites.

First, this woman had a five-hour long sex session with what I assume was a much younger man. Both of them smoked up before sex. This woman had also been practicing Tantra Yoga sessions prior to her sexual escapades.

The woman feared she was suffering Restless Genital Syndrome (she wasn’t) and was told to avoid sex and weed. She avoided sex, but the next time she puffed, she came.

Now you know the secrets to an automatic orgasm, everyone. Step one is to practice tantra for a certain period of time. Since no time was listed in the study, I recommend at least two weeks. Don’t have sex for those two weeks. Next, smoke some weed. Finally, find you a partner who can last five hours.

That last part is key. Here’s what the study has to say:

“Apart from the use of cannabis, we speculate that the continuous five hour duration of “hard pounding sexual activity” may have led to an over-activation of the pudendal nerve resulting in a rebound effect, which made the spontaneous orgasms completely uncontrollable giving rise to a very understandable anxiety and panic,”

You don’t just need someone who can last five hours. You need someone who can deliver “hard pounding sexual activity” for five hours. Good luck.

If you’re able to pull the prerequisites, weed will bring you to ecstasy every time. Or maybe it won’t. It’s also possible that you won’t experience anything and you’ll be severely disappointed that you took my advice. This is a real study, but every person is different and I’m not a doctor. I just write about them for a website.

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