Mike Tyson Was High When He Fought Roy Jones, Jr.

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If there’s one baseball story almost any man in the world over the age of 30 can tell you, even if he doesn’t watch baseball, it’s the story of how Pittsburgh Pirate Doc Ellis pitched a no-hitter while he was tripping balls. It’s not really a complicated story, he thought he had the day off, he took some LSD and then found out he had to pitch. He walked 8 batters but didn’t give up a hit or a run.

Mike Tyson may have a story to rival that one as USA Today reports he showed up for his first fight in 15 years as high as a kite.

“Listen, I can’t stop smoking,” he said. “I smoked during fights. I just have to smoke, I’m sorry. I’m a smoker. … I smoke everyday. I never stopped smoking.”

Tyson is clearly the second-most colorful boxer of all time.

“It’s just who I am,’’ he said. “It has no effect on me from a negative standpoint. It’s just what I do and how I am and how I’m going to die. There’s no explanation. There’s no beginning, there’s no end.”

Remember when you were in school and they would have assemblies telling you how if you smoked pot you’d never amount to anything and then you grew up to find out that every successful athlete and musician and performer smokes pot constantly? And that even Carl Sagan, the man who brought a scientific understanding of the universe to the masses with Cosmos, was constantly baked?

Clearly, the time has come to legalize cannabis.

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