Ex-Marine Dakota Meyer Is Going to Whoop Dan Bilzerian’s Ass

I don’t know who Dakota Meyer and Dan Bilzerian are, but they want to fight each other.

For those, like me prior to reading this story, who are unaware of these folks, allow me to fill you in. Dan Bilzerian is the self-proclaimed “King of Instagram” which means he’s the second biggest douche in the world behind Scott Disick. Dakota Meyer is Bristol Palin’s husband and a medal of honor recipient.

So, one is someone who actually fought for our country in Afghanistan and the other is a dude who takes pictures. You choose which side you’re on.

Here’s why they hate each other: Bilzerian likes to post pictures of his guns because that’s cool.

But when the Vegas shooting went down, Bilzerian ran away. Meyer called him out for being a pussy, which is fair. I think most people would run from a guy shooting down on them, but most people aren’t posting pictures of their gun collection and acting tough online. Bilzerian, a trust fund kid, decided he’d get back at Meyer by posting Bristol Palin’s phone number online. This led to idiots, who think Bilzerian is cool, to prank call Palin.

That was the end of the line for Meyer.

Meyer says in the three-part video that he’s fine with Bilzerian talking s**t to him, but when he drags his family into it, the games are over. He challenges Bilzerian to show up somewhere and talk s**t about his family to his face before concluding by saying, “We can handle it like men.”

Basically, Meyer is going to beat the s**t out of Bilzerian and despite not knowing either of these two men prior to an hour ago, I’m 100 percent here for this fight.

Bilzerian hasn’t responded to the challenge, but this is his latest post on Instagram from seven days ago:

Looks like he knew this was coming and started training early.

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