David Cross Addresses Charlyne Yi Accusing Him Of Being Racist

For some reason, completely free of any context or point, Charlyne Yi made a series of tweets last night saying David Cross was mean to her and said something racist 10 years ago. Like, I seriously have no idea what this tweet was trying to accomplish other than getting some people to say mean things about David Cross on twitter.

David Cross made what seems to me like a considerate if measured response to an allegation of something he has no memory of and that sounds out of character for him.

Okay, so, about two days later, David made a post on Facebook and Twitter that addresses what he had managed to piece together about what had happened.

If you’ve ever seen or heard any of David Cross’s stand-up specials or albums, of if you’ve seen Mr. Show then you’ll find this explanation entirely in line with who David Cross is and what he does. It was pretty obvious that this was the case when Charlyne Yi said he was talking in a fake Southern accent. And if anyone wants to say that ironic racism is still racism, well, it’s not and you’re dumb. Cross makes fun of racists by saying the dumb things they might say in a more blunt and direct way than they usually do in a way that entertains and shines a light on racists. It’s basically the opposite of actual racism. So we can all put down the pitchforks and maybe explain to Charlyne how jokes work, because she obviously can’t tell the difference between a man making a joke and “condescending her”.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
3 years ago

Ironic racism is great. You get to have all the racism, none of the guilt!

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