‘Arrested Development’ Won’t Be Making Out Any More Disappointing Revivals

Arrested Development

More than maybe any other fandom, Arrested Development fans learned to be careful what you wish for. The series was canceled too soon, the ending seemed a little rushed and someone ought to pick it up, get everyone back together and make more of it.

I could hear the monkey’s paw curl as soon as the words “I hope Netflix makes a new season of Arrested Development“ left my lips.

Netflix’s fourth season of Arrested Development was okay and I probably would have been content to label it a 3/5 just okay show if it had not been a continuation of one of the best sitcoms of all time. It just becomes one of those things where once you watch it, sit with it and rewatch it, it’s terrible outside a few jokes that actually work pretty well.

Then there was the fifth season of Arrested Development. It’s hard to say if it was better or worse than the fourth, but it was nowhere near the quality of the first three. The Netflix seasons are like this weird zombie version of a beloved show, where everything is there and it’s moving but the soul just isn’t there anymore.

Thankfully, David Cross has confirmed that everyone is done raping the corpse of our beloved Arrested Development. Here’s what Cross had to say about it on The Last Laugh, via The Daily Beast.

“It’s over,” he repeats three more times. When I ask how he knows, he adds, “I just know.”

“We didn’t know what we were supposed to do, things weren’t making sense to us,” he says. “And we were doing reshoots on things because somebody thought of a joke, you know, three weeks later, so we had to reshoot something for a story thing that we had no concept of what was happening.”

“I mean, it was a terrible way for actors to try to do what they do,” he continues. “And there were a lot of frustrations early on, the shoot kept extending. And you know, you’re asking a lot of people, and especially older people who just don’t have the physical stamina that some younger cast and crew do. And it led to some tensions and it was just a very bad way to work.”

Cross suggests that this sort of clusterfuck is what caused Jeffrey Tambor to lose his temper with Jessica Walter which caused a bit of a backlash for Tambor.

Honestly, it’s enough at some point. Arrested Development was a great show. Was. Once upon a time. It’s not anymore. Portia de Rossi isn’t even in them anymore. The last time I rewatched the series I stopped with season three, and that’s where Mitch Hurwitz should have stopped, too.

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