Jon Hamm and Dakota Johnson are Doing It

Jon Hamm and Dakota Johnson are two good-looking people who may or may not be dating.

According to a Page Six report, Hamm and Johnson were seen drinking wine together at Kingside in the Viceroy Central Park hotel. A source says they hung out for about two hours. The two were also photographed together at Elton John’s 70th birthday party.

Hamm broke the hearts of America when he and Jennifer Westfeldt split after 18 years of dating in 2015. Yes, just dating. Jon Hamm will commit, but he won’t put a ring on it. He’s been linked to Jenny Slate, Kate Beckinsale, and now Johnson. Meanwhile, Johnson and Matthew Hitt broke up in 2016 after two years of dating.

So, are they dating, or are they just friends?

I’m going with just friends. Hamm is 46-years-old. He spent his peak years as the star of Mad Men dating Westfeldt. Now that he’s single, he wants to shop around and see what’s still out there while he’s still good looking and relevant. And I don’t blame him because who doesn’t want to live that DiCaprio life? Johnson is 28, just got out of a relationship with a younger man, and is probably looking for an older man to now comfort her.

This relationship works for both sides, especially if you look at their acting gigs. Hamm was a notorious womanizer on Mad Men and Johnson likes men who take charge and rough her up a little based on her work in the Fifty Shades of Grey series. And that’s why it’s not going to turn into anything serious. They’ll both realize that they’re acting a little too much like their on-screen characters and eject from the relationship as soon as possible.

But for now, they’re gonna have some wine, some dine, and maybe go to area code 619.

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