This Guy Needed Surgery for His 3-Foot Penis and 11-Pound Testicles

Some dude in Kenya was slangin’ three feet worth of pure Kenyan cock with 11-pound balls. Unfortunately, having a penis that big and balls that heavy makes living life a bit difficult. Thus, Horace Owiti Opiyo, had to undergo a penis and ball reduction.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Opiyo, 20, had a cyst removed from his groin in 2006. However, it came back and made his groin area larger. Opiyo told his grandmother that he thought he was cursed. Herbal remedies didn’t work, but I’m sure he made the most of lotions down there. Opiyo could not afford to have a surgery. A neighbor put Opiyo’s story on the Internet and, because the Internet, it went viral. A governor’s wife saw the story and ordered a doctor to inspect him and perform a reduction surgery.

Opiyo is now a normal person with a normal size cock. Unless he was smart and made sure his cock is still bigger than average.

Here’s what Opiyo said after the surgery (via the NYPost):

“When I got up, I was surprised that my body was so light. All the heaviness had gone … I’m swimming now. I couldn’t go anywhere near the water because of the heaviness of that thing,

Now I can run and I can play football.”

I know guys like to talk about wanting to have a big cock, but imagine for a second having one that is three feet long. That thing is literally dragging on the ground. You could use it was a belt. And if your cock is that big, you’re only getting the tip in. And 11-pound balls? No thanks.

But, if you’re not happy with your less than average penis, here’s how you could possibly increase it to three feet without taking 30 Viagra: have a mosquito bite your groin area. It’ll cause the blood to stop flowing, thus increasing the chances of swelling. We’ve all been bit by a mosquito, we all know how they work on our arm. It’s annoying. But if you don’t mind a bit of annoyance knowing it leads to a three-foot dick and 11-pound balls, head to the woods without your pants.

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Perry de Havilland

“Man, fuck that guy” … why? Maybe WIlliams thought the reshoot was a good idea & so wanted to help it happen, but Wahlberg thought the whole reshoot was a colossal indulgence & so wanted to get paid for his work? Do you get upset every time you encounter someone with a different point of view?


Fuck that guy because workin’ women means any man has a better chance at finding a decent sugar mama.

I’ll GLADLY be the poor househusband that has to do some cleaning and gets to hang out in the kitchen all day!


I reeeeeeeealy hope this dill-hole is shooting blanks. I wonder if his fiancee has a college degree.

Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello
Guillermo F. Perez-Argüello
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