Nude Yoga is a Thing Now, a Good Thing

Feel like doing yoga but don’t feel like putting on clothes? Good news, nude yoga is now a thing trending on Instagram.

I have no clue why this is now a thing. I’ve been doing nude yoga for years. I guess I should have taken pictures of myself for social media.

There’s no real goal for nude yoga. People say it’s to show appreciation for your body and that it will inspire others to do yoga, but that’s not actually true. Seeing hot people naked just makes me feel worse about my body, and if I wasn’t doing yoga before, I’m not doing it now just because there are pictures of other people doing it. Like, it sounds good in theory. But you still have to do that part where you bend in ways that you’re not supposed to bend.

Instagram user nude_yogagirl started this trend and I appreciate that her username describes what she’s all about.

What #NYGyoga is about.❤ #NudeYogaGirlAlphabet

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Plenty of people have participated in nude yoga. You too can participate. Just use the hashtag #NYGyoga and make sure to include a picture of your naked self in an odd shape. Or, just look at these people doing it and get back to your Oreos. That’s what I’m doing.

Raw. Stripped. Bare. This was how this move felt for me and I totally didn't expect it. I didn't realize how hard it would be to move to a new place with no resources. However, the kindness of people here and the beauty of the city is what drew me to this place and it came through in all those times I needed it most. I cried to 3 strangers in a park while we walked dogs and they listened until I was done. A yoga studio owner invited me in on a girl's night. My neighbours helped me carry boxes. The man who delivered my bed offered to take me on a city tour. Then last night I was offered a spot at a thanksgiving feast from a man who's lease I was meant to takeover but it fell through at the last minute. Canadians are known for being nice and wow, have I ever felt it here. This move is teaching me once again to soften, to trust, to accept and to appreciate everything and everyone around. Oh ya and deep breaths. Thank god for deep breaths. __________________________ Because our last one filled up so quickly, we opened up 2 yoga teacher trainings this winter: Costa Rica and El Salvador. Apply at @yogaacademyinternational or ❤️

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Playing with shapes for #NYGyoga ✌🏽 #bebold

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Just a heads up, if you were thinking about spending your day creeping on the #NYGyoga hashtag on Instagram, I’m afraid I’ve got some bad news. Only certain posts are shown because the content doesn’t meet Instagram’s community guidelines. I assume people put more emphasis on the nude than the yoga part of this challenge.

Guess you’re stuck looking at goat yoga or beer yoga.

Or Sara Underwood doing nude yoga.

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yeah, I’ll strip to my birthday suit, find a window to display myself in, and make stupid poses. That sounds like fun! ha ha ha ha ha ha. Exhibitionist weirdos.

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