Roger Goodell’s Wife Used Fake Social Accounts to Defend Him

Taking a cue from Kevin Durant, the wife of NFL commissioner Roger Goodell used faked accounts to defend her husband on Twitter. Jane Goodell says she did it out of “frustration and love,” which is typically what someone says after they hit their significant other, so let’s just be happy that she was only defending her man on Twitter.

Jane, who went by @forargument on Twitter, recently defended her husband in wake of the national anthem controversy, saying that Roger is doing what he can to cool the situation. If sending a letter to teams that says, “Move past it. But also, stand” is doing what he can, then he should try harder.

I imagine that it didn’t take much investigative work to figure out that the only person on Twitter defending Goodell was his wife. It was either her or Goodell himself.

I’m not even mad at Jane for making a fake account to defend her husband. That’s actually sweet of her. I wish my wife did that for me because people on Twitter can be very mean. I assume that plenty of people, especially famous people with family members of family people, have burner accounts. Hell, I have a burner account. I don’t use it to defend myself, I use it to say things that I can’t say as a decent human being and to troll.

Good luck finding it because 80 percent of Twitter is people saying things decent humans should not say and trolling.

I’m more upset that Goodell is bad at his job and the NFL has become unwatchable lately. The standing vs. kneeling debate has gotten so far off track that everyone has lost the plot, injuries are occurring at an alarming rate, and Goodell is dragging his feet with every major decision just so he continues to stay in the spotlight.

Maybe his wife should spend less time defending him on Twitter and more time whipping him into shape so he doesn’t completely kill off his audience.

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