Tom Petty Knew He Was Gonna Die Soon

Tom Petty passed away at age 66 on October 2 and was in more pain than anyone could have imagined.

According to a new report from Radar, Petty spent his final days depressed and knew he was on his last legs. A source said, “Tom was far sicker than anyone thought or suspected. He was ready to die!”

Keep in mind the source here. Radar has a history of fabricating the truth, but I would hope that they wouldn’t make up a story about the death of a rock n’ roll legend.

Radar’s source continued by saying that Petty had worked himself too hard on his final tour. The singer had to cancel dates in August due to laryngitis. He was also receiving regular vitamin B12 shots to help with his muscles and energy levels.

The source finished by saying, “Tom left it all on stage. Unfortunately, it cost him his life!”

Yeah, I’m sure parts of this story are true, but it also sounds like the source is doing some exaggeration here. I’m not going to speculate on how Petty was feeling in the days leading to his death, but this story seems a bit too pushy for me to believe.

Petty’s cause of death remains unknown, and while he was probably overworking himself given his age and career, saying that “He knew he was going to die but went out and performed anyway” just sounds morbid and unnecessary.

Again, a big part of this is the fact that it’s coming from Radar. They’re still waiting on those Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck rumors that they started back in March to come true. Or for that Britney Spears sex tape to make its way to the internet.

Let’s just listen to “Free Fallin'” and move on with our day.

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