A Big Celeb Exposed His Personal Assistant to HIV

According to TMZ, a woman has filed a lawsuit alleging a big name celeb used his star power to take advantage of her while she was working for him. She says he raped her and exposed her to HIV. It’s Charlie Sheen, isn’t it?

The single mother, who worked as a part-time personal assistant, said the man forced her into rough sex, laughed at her pleas to stop and spat on her. He also threatened to anally rape her. Which is weird considering he already raped her. I guess a rapist has to draw the line somewhere.

To make matters worse, he refused to wear a condom and may have exposed her to HIV as one of his partners recently tested positive. Oh, so not Charlie Sheen. Ok, whew. For a moment there, I thought his image would have been tarnished.

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