Fake Chris Pratt Is on Facebook Trying to Pick Up Women

Someone’s impersonating Chris Pratt and asking for women’s phone numbers on Facebook. Seriously…Facebook? We all know to use Instagram to pick up girls.

Pratt took to Instagram earlier and warned his followers about his unknown, devious twin.

PERVY DUDE ALERT!!! (Not a joke) It’s confirmed: somebody is trying to pretend to be me on Facebook (and maybe other social media platforms) apparently hitting on a lot of different female fans, trying to get their numbers and who knows what else. I’m not joking.

Pratt also warned his imposter to be careful or Pratt would punch him “right in the GD mouth.”

He went on to give some tech advice, advising his fans to “Look for the BLUE “VERIFIED” CHECKMARK next to the name. If there is no checkmark by my name that person is an imposter. I’m sorry.” Only then will it be safe to give out your  number to Chris Pratt.

Lastly, he prayed for their soul.

If it’s you doing it, I’m warning you. Stop right now or you [email protected] very unhappy with the outcome. Go find Jesus. 🙏 praying for you.

I’m guessing the imposter is either Anna Faris or the Russians.

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