Ask Olivia Wilde About Her Cannabis Lotion

Everyone knows that weed is the best drug. It makes you hungry, sleepy, and happy. It makes you forget about your problems and just relaxes your entire body. Those who don’t like weed have either never tried weed or are the government.

It should come as no surprise that if you rub cannabis lotion on your body, your body starts to feel better.

Yes, there is a real thing called a cannabis lotion and yes, it works just as well as actual weed. At least, according to celebrities.

Lord Jones is the maker of a cannabis lotion and it can be used in a variety of ways. Here’s how certain celebrities used the lotion to help them get through the tough times:

*Olivia Wilde used it on her neck after doing a Broadway play for six months. She says it’s a better option than pain killers.

*Stacy London used it following her spinal surgery. Like Wilde, it helped keep her away from taking too many painkillers.

*Busy Phillips says the Lord Jones edibles help with her anxiety. Yeah, no s**t. It’s edible weed.

To recap, the product helps with aches and pains while also tempering anxiety. I’m willing to bet it helps you sleep as well. They lack THC, which is the thing in marijuana that makes you see things that aren’t really there. Basically, these things are weed without the trippy side effects. They just have the good side effects, like making you relaxed and happy.

Lord Jones better not profit too much from this because the government is sure to shut them down if they do.

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Nate Fanfare
Nate Fanfare
3 years ago

Drugs are for the weak.

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