‘Modern Family’ Finally Coming To An End. Next Year. Maybe.

Time is finally up for Modern Family. The ABC comedy, which debuted in 2009 and is in the middle of their ninth season, will likely end after season ten. This according to the co-creators of the show.

Speaking to The Hollywood Reporter, Steve Levitan and Christopher Lloyd said, “Our plan is to end it at 10. If we can leave with most of our audience wanting more, I think that’s the right way to do it.”

Hope they reveal that Sarah Hyland’s character is bi-sexual before the show ends. In fact, I hope they do anything with Sarah Hyland’s character before the show ends. The kids have been marginalized in recent seasons.

Levitan and Lloyd haven’t started working on how the series will end, but my guess is it that they’ll reveal this whole thing has been a reality television show. Why else do they do the couch sit-downs with all the family members? Besides blatantly copying The Office and Parks & Recreation, of course.

Lloyd was part of the team that brought Fraiser to an end. I never watched that show, but here’s what Lloyd said about the final episode:

“We went through these questions on Frasier, when we brought that around after 11 seasons and sort of said, ‘Well, the Shakespearean route on that is a birth, a death or a wedding,’ and we managed to effectively do all three in the final episode.”

So Ed O’Neil dies, Sarah Hyland has a rebirth as a bi-sexual, and take your pick on who gets married. Boom. Just wrote the final episode of Modern Family for you. I will accept payment in the form of cash.

The show has not been funny for a few years now, but where else are you going to see Ariel Winter on a weekly basis? Besides the internet, of course.

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