Seal Under Investigation for Sexual Battery After Saying More People Should Go To Prison For Sexual Misconduct

There are a lot of ways to communicate to someone that you’re interested in them sexually. A glance, a light touch on the arm, biting your lip… there are thousands of little signals we send out, some unconsciously, every day. One thing that separates me from Grammy Award-winning singer and former Heidi Klum husband Seal is that I’ve never considered the sentence “Can I get the salad spinner I lent you back?” to be an invitation to f**k.

According to TMZ, this is exactly what happened to Seal’s neighbor. She asked him for her salad spinner and he heard “grab my titty.” Which is weird.

Actress Tracey Birdsall tells us she and Seal were neighbors in Los Angeles in the fall of 2016. She says the two developed a close friendship — and only that — until an incident at Seal’s home. Tracey says she was in Seal’s kitchen to retrieve a salad spinner she’d lent him when all of a sudden, he lunged at her.

Tracey tells us Seal forced himself on her, attempting to kiss her. She says she shouted, “What are you doing?!” and the singer replied, “I’m kissing you!”

Okay, we’ve all been there, you try to kiss someone and they’re not as into it as you thought they would be. That’s fine, you just apologize and move on with your lives, you’ll probably laugh about it later.

Birdsall claims Seal then began to belittle her for what she was wearing (a tank top and shorts) — insinuating she was asking for it — and he began to grope her breasts. She says she demanded he stop.

Or you can do that. That’s definitely a way to go. I don’t recommend it, because I don’t know what part of “I don’t want to kiss you” means “Say I look like a slut and grope me.”

Also, she says he “made fun of” what she was wearing… was Seal trying to neg this lady? Is that how he got Heidi Klum, telling her that the designer outfits she wore on the runway were dumb?

Anyway, Seal went on social media and encouraged women to come forward with their stories of sexual misconduct, so Tracey Birdsall did exactly that, and reported Seal to the police for sexual battery, which was probably not what he had in mind when he said perpetrators of sexual misconduct should go to jail.

You know, I couldn’t turn on a radio for years without hearing’‘Kiss From A Rose,” you’re telling me Seal can’t afford his own salad spinner? Buy a salad spinner, Seal!

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