Beyonce Is Cheaper Than Mr. Krabs

According to some bitter hotel worker at the Beverly Hills Hotel, Beyonce does not tip the staff.

This comes from Radar Online, the only outlet who still believes Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez are still getting back together.

Here’s what a staff member told Radar:

“Beyonce goes to the Beverly Hills Hotel often with Jay Z and they hate her there because she does not tip at all,” a hotel worker exclusively revealed to

“They even call her ‘Cheap-Yonce’ because she is so frugal! She doesn’t even tip a penny!”

“Cheap-Yonce” doesn’t exactly have a nice ring to it. Maybe they should worry less about coming up with bad nicknames and more about the service they are providing.

The staffer goes on to say that Jay Z tips really well. The man is known for spendin’ G’s. But whenever Jay Z leaves a big tip, Beyonce gives him a dirty look.

There you have it. The real reason Beyonce made Lemonade. Not because Jay-Z cheated on her with Becky with the Good Hair. But because Jay Z tips the Beverly Hills Hotel staff more than a penny. How will their relationship survive this?

I don’t know how well Beyonce tips. I’m not a Beyonce fan and find her to be pretentious, but I’m willing to bet she leaves at least a penny when the bellhop carries her bags upstairs. She’s a diva, but she’s not a monster.

Guess I’ll have to go undercover as a member of the Beverley Hills Hotel wait staff and get to the bottom of this story for myself.

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