Horrifying Olympic Penis People Become a Japanese Meme Because of Course They Did

The 2018 Pyeongchang Winter Games basically not having hockey has given us a lot of time to explore the things going on in and around the games, because no one honestly gives a s**t about figure skating. One of the things that people noticed in between rounds of mixed doubles curling and robot skiing is that there are some weird statues of giant penises with human bodies outside the Olympic Village. And the bodies of the statues also have penises, which aren’t giant but look like they get the job done.

Yeah, that’s going to haunt my nightmares. Hal Sparks, who you may remember from that VH1 show where he remembered things, pointed out that the statues are meant to be a comment on modern media, sort of a less-horrifying version of Gangnam Style.

Of course, the penis statues turned out to be incredibly popular in Japan, the country that gave us tentacle porn and Cho Aniki.

Yeah, that’s a real shoot-em-up from Japan in the ’90s. Now these new horrifying penis-men have inspired all sorts of memes on Twitter under the hashtag #モルゲッソヨ, which is the Japanese spelling of the Korean phrase “I don’t know.”

Honestly, I have no idea who the people in these pictures are, but the speed-lines make it hilarious to me anyway.

Aww, the weird dick man is making friends with Serval.

This one is a reference to how manga in Japan uses small bars to avoid running afoul of Japanese pornography laws, along with a reference to the super-popular Japanese RPG series Dragon Quest.

Speaking of popular Japanese RPG series… Are the penis man statues actually Diglettes? SInce there’s three of them, I guess they’d be a Dugtrio.

Look, it’s the Silver Surfer. Jack Kirby would be proud. Maybe. He probably wouldn’t give a s**t.

That’s my favorite, it’s a GM from Mobile Suit Gundam.

By the way, about an hour outside the olympics you can see a huge number of statues of cocks without human bodies.

I don’t know, it kind of loses something now. After all that Japanese fanart, I’m kind of mad my dick doesn’t have a human body with its own dick on it now.

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