Uhhh, It’s Adam Devine’s Dick

So, just gonna show these pics and back away quickly. Like throwing a lit firecracker.

Adam Devine drops trou and grabs his penis in his new movie, Game Over, Man! Not sure what plot point calls for Devine to run around with his penis out. The movie’s straight from Netflix. The reviews have been pretty harsh, so Devine’s dick might be the only thing that lives on from this movie.

TMZ caught up with Devine and asked him about the scene. Pretty funny was the paparazzi asking him if he’s a Ken Jeong or a Michael Fassbender. He took the diplomatic approach and said he’s somewhere in the middle.

Back to those reviews. They’re not good.

If it is not taxing enough to sit through the medley of puerile humour and obnoxious dick jokes, the frequency with which the makers of this film keep blowing up bodies (both human and otherwise, believe it or not) — and that too in such excruciatingly gory detail — is frankly exhausting. By the end, you feel like you are going to throw up … In the end, Game Over, Man! is a disgusting gore fest and tasteless buffoonery in the garb of comedy that relentlessly keeps dealing blow after blow to your finer sensibilities throughout its 100-minute length.

A comedy shouldn’t make you wanna throw up, haha.

With its inexplicable combination of phallic revulsion, fascination, and revulsion at its own fascination, this wretched film hates itself more than we ever could.

Phallic revulsion, sounds like a punk band.

Game Over, Man! is a lesser version of Paul Blart: Mall Cop … a sloppy production, with screaming and bullying used as a placeholder for actual jokes. The characters are such enormous jerks that they probably don’t deserve to succeed, at anything, so it’s hard to want to follow their adventures through an entire film.

A lesser version of Paul Blart?? We’re talking about the classic Paul Blart movie right? That’s high praise.

Now more celebrity penises revealed:

Logan Paul caught sucking another man’s penis

Shia LaBeouf cops to a small penis, you be the judge

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I’d do him