Bhad Bhabie Has Gone Gold, Now Runs the Rap Game

In news that should shock no one given the state of America, Danielle Bregoli aka Bhad Bhabie aka Cash Me Outside How Bout Dat Girl is a gold-selling rapper.

Her song “Hi Bich” sold 500,000 US copies and currently has over 85 million views on YouTube.

Earlier this week, she dropped her latest single “Gucci Flip Flops” featuring Lil Yachty.

The girl just turned 15 and already runs the rap game. She signed a record deal with Atlantic last year and this year looks to be even bigger based on her newly Gold status. Even Iggy Azalea is scared.

Bregoli decided to celebrate her birthday and Gold status in the same Instagram video, eating cake off her new plaque.

Next up for Ms. Bhabie is a tour that kicks off on Apr. 14. I can’t imagine a single person who would want to see a 15-year-old white girl acting like a 22-year-old black guy, but I’m a 30-year-old white male. So, I’m probably not her target demographic.

Who is her target demographic?

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6 years ago

Demographics = WT Morons and jail-bait chasers
I know a scumbag loser in Houston (husband’s high school friend) that is planning on going to her show. He’s mid thirties and is going to perv on her and the underage girls in the audience. He’s SUPER EXCITED