Jennifer Garner Dunks on Jennifer Garner With Oscar Meme

I’m convinced Jennifer Garner has some sort of second sight. At some point during the Oscars on Sunday, while everyone is laughing, she has a profound revelation that she’s keeping from the rest of us, perhaps for our own protection. What exactly did she see? Some kind of angry spirit about to take its revenge on the Academy for snubbing Quentin Tarantino?

Look at that. That is the face of someone who sees things that the rest of us don’t. It’s like the Oscars was a Harry Potter novel and Garner is the only non-Muggle in attendance. Whoever is on stage is about to get eaten by a Nue or something.

Of course, no one does something like that without being turned into a meme on social media. This is my favorite use of the image, because I’m a giant nerd who loves Hamlet.

But there were plenty more.

Eventually, even Jennifer Garner herself got in on the joke.

I’m torn here because it’s awesome that Jennifer Garner has a sense of humor about herself, but it’s also the end of a meme when someone memes themself. And I’m pretty sure what Jennifer Garner saw was a the trail of spirits Tilda Swinton consumes in exchange for her unholy acting talent.

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