Katy Perry Killed One Nun, Now She’s Bankrupting Another

Katy Perry gonna have some bad karma. Perry has been in a real estate battle for almost three years over a former convent in Los Angeles. Perry paid almost $15 million for the deteriorating convent. Problem is that the person who sold her the convent, Los Angeles Archbishop Jose Gomez, might not even legally be able to sell it.

Two nuns, Sister Rita Callanan and the late Sister Catherine Rose Holzman, argued that only they have the right to sell the property. And they definitely don’t want Perry to buy it because of Perry’s sorta risque image. Specifically, Sister Callanan said she was “particularly concerned about the video ‘The Dark Horse’.”

Unfortunately, Sister Holzman died in court earlier this month fighting a lawsuit brought by Perry and Archbishop Gomez over the deal.

Now, Sister Callanan, 80, says she’s broke with no money to pay for her breast cancer treatments. She’s had a check bounce for a cancer treatment. Also, she’s left to scrape by with an empty pantry filled only with cereal. That’s sad. Spend your life serving a god and look where you are.

The whole story between the Archbishop and Sister Callanan is kinda fascinating. According to Sister Callanan, all the nuns pooled their money to buy the convent in 1972 for roughly $600,000. However, in 2005, the Vatican supposedly gave the Archbishop control of the convent. Sister Callanan seems pretty reasonable.

All we are asking is to sell our own property, keep our own money so we can take care of ourselves until the last person dies, then the money and property can go to the archbishop. There’s not many more years, give me a break. He’s supposed to be a chief shepherd.

Why is the Archbishop so eager to sell now? Sister Callanan says instead of letting them stay in the convent, he sent them all to retirement homes and closed their bank accounts.

I couldn’t find any direct quotes from Archbishop Gomez, but the dude has a Twitter account. Haha. Wow, ok. The guy’s keeping up with the times. I can’t wait until the Archbishop becomes a YouTuber and asks us to smash that like button.

If I was Katy Perry, I’d ask myself: what kind of real estate deal is worth killing and bankrupting nuns over? The kind that’s described as a “spectacular villa-style hilltop spread, which covers several acres and offers million-dollar views of downtown Los Angeles and the San Gabriel Mountains.”

Imagine Perry with her conservative Christian upbringing weighing the pros and cons of the deal. Con: nuns starve and die. Pro: City views!!

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