Paris Jackson and Cara Delevingne Are Totally Doing It

New celebrity couple alert! This one’s a good one. Paris Jackson,19, and Cara Delevingne, 25, got snapped making out in West Hollywood. Ok, maybe not making out, but smooching.

The two went out to dinner with Macaulay Culkin and his girlfirend, Brenda Song. Daily Mail has a write-up that sounds like a romance novel.

The foursome were out for the night in West Hollywood, visiting the upmarket Argentinean steakhouse Carlito’s.

At the end of their meal the two happy couples headed outside, with high-spirited British model-turned-actress Cara leaning down to ask a giggling Paris to dance.

The pair then spun one another around on the pavement, moving in perfect step.

Smiling Paris’s hair flew out as she turned, before Cara took a spin herself.

Still flushed from their dance, the pair then shared a passionate kiss, before Paris nestled into Cara’s arms on the cold evening.

I’m fanning myself after that paragraph.¬†Oh lord, I do declare…that they probably went home and boned until morning.

To be honest, hottest lesbian couple in Hollywood. Cannot wait for nude pics to leak. Juuuust kidding. That’s a total invasion of privacy and I’d never look at those leaks.

These two have been revealing their relationship quite slowly. Their PR team must have planned this out in great detail.

First, the two held hands and snuck out together from Dalston nightclub in a London club back in December. Then, they were seen holding hands at Paris Fashion Week.

A few days ago, they snapped out a video of them lying in bed while feeding each other strawberries. They also were watching the lesbian movie Carol.

Part of me feels like this is a total publicity ploy. A way to get more attention for Cara and Paris, specifically Paris. Last March, E! has an article titled “How Paris Jackson Officially Became the New It Girl.” Seemed like she was everywhere. Rolling Stone. Vanity Fair had a big piece on her.

A year later though, what has she done? Nothing. She appeared in the recent movie Gringo. A bit part in Gringo doesn’t let you hold onto your “It Girl” crown.

Also, maybe unrelated, stumbled upon this tidbit from December on the Crazy Days and Nights.

This celebrity offspring of a permanent A++ lister was off drugs for so long then hooked up with that close pseudo family member/former A list actor who not only had sex with her even though he has an actress girlfriend but got her using again. She then got involved in that horrible relationship with a gold digging guy. Now, she is smoking meth and shooting up heroin and no one is looking after her or watching out for her. Everyone just wants a good time and for her to pay for it.

Everyone was guessing Paris Jackson and Macaulay Culkin. I’n not saying it was them. Just reporting what people are saying on that site.

Well, whatever. Can’t wait for someone HQ hot make-out pics between these two.

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