Stormy Daniels Pounds People on Twitter

Stormy Daniels is doing what every good citizen should be doing when they draw the ire of Donald Trump. Destroying fools on Twitter.

Daniels is currently locked in a legal battle with Trump over an alleged affair back in 2006.

As you would expect, those on the side of Trump have nothing better to do than chastise the former porn star on Twitter. And, as you would expect, Daniels is all too happy to engage with them.

Those are just in the last couple of days. You can scroll through her timeline to find more goodness from Trump’s least favorite porn star. Do it now because it’s only a matter of time before Trump gets her feed shutdown.

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don pen
don pen
3 years ago

Stormy Daniels “pounding people”,.. what a refreshing change.
She’s made a career out of “getting pounded” by lots of people.

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