Wendy’s Dropped a Mixtape Dissing McDonalds. No, Really

Last week, Wendy’s teased an announcement of some sort, coming on Friday.

When the 23rd rolled around, Wendy’s was officially back on their bullshit again, and they actually put out a five-track EP called We Beefin’? that’s full of diss tracks aimed at their competitors, an attempt to solidify their reputation as the fast food that trolls the f**k out of the whole internet. It’s a real album you can find on Spotify and listen to.

You know, I remember the days when Wendy’s ads looked something like this.

Dave Thomas, the founder of the fast-food chain, would come out and be a goofy, lovable dad. He’s so polite that he’s almost Canadian.

That was their strategy for years, come buy a hamburger from your dad. The whole advetising campaign was a dad joke.

And Dave Thomas was really a sweet guy. In 1993, at the age of 61, well after he had become the successful owner of a national fast food franchise, Thomas got his high school diploma so his success wouldn’t lead kids to think they didn’t need high school to succeed themselves. He was, by all accounts, a genuinely sweet guy.

It’s a long way from there to “You wanna beef with me, then really you press you luck/The problem is you didn’t recognize I give no fucks.” I doubt Dave Thomas ever actually said f**k in his entire life.

I found something interesting while I was researching this article, which is what I call looking at Twitter.

I don’t know if you can throw together a five track album in two weeks, but Wendy’s didn’t do too bad a job, it’s not the worst album I’ve heard. The worst album I’ve ever heard is Human Clay by Creed.

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