Conor Mcgregor and His Gang Roll Through New York City

Gangs of New York, Part Two. Conor McGregor’s posted bail and out of jail; here’s him and his crew rolling out of Loews Regency in NYC Sunday night. Surprisingly, Conor had nothing to say for the first time in his life. Probably under some order from his lawyers not to dig himself in even deeper.

As you know by now, McGregor went temporarily insane and threw a dolly through a parked bus’ window. The bus was full of UFC fighters; glass from the broken window injured UFC fighters Michael Chiesa and Ray Borg.

McGregor also supposedly broke a UFC employee’s hand.

The irony is the guy’s probably more popular than before. If you thought the guy wasn’t coming back before, he’s definitely coming back now. Gotta pay off those lawyers.

Dana White, after the incident, went ballistic and implied he didn’t want anything to do with McGregor.  But this is Dana White we’re talking about, so don’t believe a thing he says. A few days later, he’s brushing it off, saying they’re all good.

That means two dollies through the bus next time.

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