Conor McGregor Makes Cryptic Statement About His Freakout

Conor McGregor usually says so much, but there will be no gum flappin’ here. Not now, not when attorneys are getting involved.

Of course, you remember McGregor’s public freakout before UFC 223. You can call it protecting his boy Artem Lobov, but the dude went temporarily insane. He threw a dolly through a UFC bus filled with fighters. That resulted in two fighters sustaining injuries which led to the cancellation of their fights.

Lobov’s fight was also cancelled. To be honest, only now when I think about it, I wonder why his fight was canceled. He got confronted by Khabib Nurmagomedov and ten of his boys. He wasn’t in the group of people who attacked the fighter bus. His involvement in any retaliation seems non-existent.

Anyway, McGregor hasn’t said anything since the incident, but a couple of days ago he Instagrammed a photo of himself looking off camera with the caption:

It is only a lesson if you learn from it. I learn every day.

It is only a lesson if you learn from it. I learn every day.

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That’s very zen. His words are open to interpretation, but I take it to mean: crap, I just blew a million plus in fees and lawsuits when I didn’t have to.

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