Jenna Fischer Ditched Her a Dress for a Towel on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live’

Jenna Fischer decided to treat Jimmy Kimmel’s set like it was her bathroom after getting out of the shower.

Fischer had a nice dress all picked out for her appearance on Jimmy Kimmel, but she ran into a wardrobe malfunction.

As she describes in the video, she waited too long to get dressed and when she tried to slip on her talk show best, the zipper broke. She panicked, but as they say in Missouri, “The show must go on.”

Fischer goes on to say that mentally, she was uncomfortable being on a talk show in a towel, but psychically she was “very comfortable.”

Kimmel certainly looked comfortable, but that’s not too surprising. The man became famous for interviewing women bouncing on trampolines in bikinis. Jenna Fischer in a towel wasn’t about to faze him.

Why didn’t she wear whatever she had on when she arrived to the show to film? Unless she showed up to the studio in a towel and jeans, in which case, good on her.

Fischer was on the show to promote her upcoming ABC comedy Splitting Up Together. As a multi-time watcher of The Office, I feel I must support Fischer in her new venture.

Splitting Up Together premiered to a huge audience of seven million viewers. It was helped by the return of Roseanne and ratings king Black-ish. The real test for the shows staying power will be tonight (Tuesday).

If Fischer wears a towel the entire episode, the ratings will be just fine.

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