Kanye West Loves Everyone Except His Manager

Kanye West is on Twitter supporting Donald Trump and saying other crazy things that even Kanye defenders are like, “Pass.”

He recently split from his manager Scooter Braun.

I think Kris Jenner would disagree.

RadarOnline (meaning take this with a grain of salt) reports that Braun and Kayne have different ideas over his future. A source told the outlet, “Scooter feels that Kanye is suffering another major meltdown and he does not want to be held responsible for his demise this time. He literally wants nothing to do with it.”

Dude is calling out Barack Obama and is now best friends with Trump. He’s way past meltdown.

Kanye did tweet his support for Braun despite their split.

A Kardashian source said, “Kim wants Kanye to shut the f**k up. She hates the fact that he is rambling all this nonsense on Twitter. She has begged him to end it before it is too late and he refuses, which is only making her so much more upset.

Of course, that’s not the picture the Kardashian family are painting on Twitter.

What’s true? When it comes to Kanye, who knows. But his new album is out soon. That probably clears some things up.

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