Paris Hilton Solves Climate Change in 7 Words

I love celebrity wisdom. It can be so succinct and yet so revealing and deep. Take Kanye’s tweets lately. They’re at times Art of War-esque, inspirational, thought-provoking and then he’ll throw in a random thought.

Which is what Twitter is for.

So, it’s great that Paris Hilton, former IT girl and current fake DJ, boils down the answer to climate change in seven words. Tattoo these on your Sierra Club tote bag.

She wrote:

This is earth

It’s hot

Don’t pollute

*tents fingers* Ahh, yes. Very true. I imagine these words rolled into Hilton’s head one by one and so she strung them together as a tweet.

You know who Paris reminds me of? Sophia the AI Robot but with with less soul.

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