Big Dick Energy Is All Over Social Media

If you’re like me, you’ve been wondering why Ariana Grande looks at Pete Davidson the way she does despite the fact that whoever introduced them probably told her “he has a great personality and he’s really funny!”

I mean, love is love, but I find it hard to believe anyone loves a guy with a Hillary Clinton tattoo that much. Seriously, how interesting can you be if you’re getting tattoos of terrible politicians who lost elections?

It turns out there might be a reason why Davidson is so appealing, and it’s that he has a huge cock.

Now, there’s no proof Ariana Grande actually said that, but regardless of whether it’s true or not, it spawned an incredibly pervasive meme about Big Dick Energy, the confidence that comes from having a big dick, that is currently all over Twitter. Even though the term had been coined a few weeks ago to describe Anthony Bourdain in the wake of his death, it didn’t really take off as a meme until this week.

That might be my favorite Big Dick Energy tweet, but just because I hate Andrew Cuomo and I hope Cynthia Nixon wipes the floor with him.

This is an almost perfect tweet, but it left off Fruit Brute, who you know has the Big Dick Energy.

It only took four hours for this tweet to basically come true.

I know New York Magazine isn’t the Times, but still. This is the kind of headline that kills a meme.

Yeah, see, this is where we are now.

By the way, he literally does list which of the original 151 Pokemon have Big Dick Energy in that thead. No surprise that Dugtrio has 3x BDE.

Now I’m disappointed that Walmart doesn’t think Tuxedo Mask has Big Dick Energy. He does. You kind of have to have BDE to look at a soul-sucking alien attacking your 14-year-old girlfriend and go “I think I’ll throw a rose at it, that should work.”

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