Brooklyn Beckham and Lexy Panterra Are Instagram Official

It’s officially official, Brooklyn Beckham and Lexy Panterra are dating.

The two were rumored to be an item a month ago following Beckham’s split from Chloe Grace Moretz.

A source told People, “They are definitely together. They’ve been dating for a little while now.”

Panterra rose to fame for twerking online. Follow your dreams, kids.

Moretz and Beckham were an item as of March. After they split, Beckham was spotted with Playboy model Lexi Wood. Rumors circulated that Brooklyn cheated on Moretz, perhaps with Lexi or Lexy.

Panterra and Beckham have made no real secrets about their relationship, flaunting their love on Instagram.

I like how he wears a Nets hat, just in case he forgets his name.

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