Brooklyn Beckham’s New Girlfriend Was a Victoria Beckham Lookalike

A lot of people end up with a partner who reminds them of their parents in some way, and it’s perfectly normal. For example, my girlfriend and my mother both have the same reaction when I tell a dark or offensive joke, which to stifle their laugh and say “that’s not funny” before laughing.

Brooklyn Beckham is crossing some sort of a line, though, because according to Page Six, his new girlfriend once had a job as a Victoria Beckham lookalike.

The 20-year-old Brooklyn has been seeing 27-year-old Phoebe Torrance, a model who once worked gigs as Victoria Beckham lookalike in her early career, The Sun reported.

A source told the tabloid that there is nothing “Oedipal” about Brooklyn’s attraction to Torrance.

Sure there isn’t.

Here’s what Torrence looks like.

And here’s what Beckham looks like:

That is very similar. That is “I want to f**k my mom” similar.

“A few of his friends have teased him about it but Brooklyn is adamant that there is nothing ‘Oedipal’ about it – or words to that effect,” the source told the newspaper.

I believe him. But I also believe that after they broke up she’s going to tell everyone he called her “mommy” during sex.

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