Chris Brown Arrested for Punching Photographer Doing His Job

Chris Brown had just finished a concert in Tampa, Florida when the cops showed up to arrest him. The concert was that bad.

Actually, Brown had a felony assault warrant out for his arrest stemming from an April 2017 incident where he clocked a photographer.

Brown allegedly sucker punched the photographer for doing his job and taking photos of the singer at an appearance at AJA Channelside. The photographer ended up with a cut lip. Dude got in a cheap shot and the end result was a cut lip? He should have been arrested for throwing a weak ass punch.

Brown left after the punch occurred. Following the incident, AJA Channelside put out a statement on their Facebook page.

“Incidents like the ones caused by Chris Brown and his team are very sad to see. As everyone witnessed he showed up to the club at around 1:30am. After only a few minutes of being there, Chris Brown himself and his team assaulted our club photographer and proceeded to walk out of the venue.”

“AJA Channelside and our employees apologize for the inconvenience Assault charges were pressed and we are dealing with the proper authorities accordingly. We appreciate your constant support!”

If you ask me, it’s the venue’s fault for paying Brown to appear.

Brown was released on $2,000 bail.

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