Shut Up Nick Cannon, Real Comedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Are Beefing

Mike Epps hasn’t starred in a big movie since Friday After Next, but manages to stay relevant by keeping Kevin Hart’s name in his mouth. Epps recently came out and said “everyone is funnier” than Hart. I wish I was as unfunny as Hart if it meant making the kind of bank he makes.

Hart responded in the most unfunny way possible, calling Epps a “sad individual.”

Hart takes the high road, stating he’s rooting for Epps and wants him to succeed. If that were true, he would have given Epps a bit part in one of the ten million movies he’s does a year. Instead, Epps is still waiting for Ice Cube to make the next Friday film.

The real story here is Nick Cannon’s response and Epps’ vicious clap back.

Cannon jumps in for no reason with some inspirational quote nonsense. Epps shuts him down by calling Cannon out for never aging. And for Drumline, which is a very good movie. On second thought, it’s not quite as brutal. Maybe just reading it in Epps’ voice makes it funny.

Hart wins this exchange because he probably made another million when he clicked “send.” Epps comes in second for calling out Cannon for not minding his own business. Cannon comes in a distant third because…

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