Britney Spears Has a ‘Spinal Tap’ Moment in England

Britney Spears’ mind isn’t what it used to be. She’s 36 now, she’s got kids, she’s still dealing with Kevin Federline. It’s a lot going on. So when she forgets where she is, it’s understandable. Even if she forgets where she while on stage.

Spears is heard asking, “Where are we?” Before a dancer clues her in. Then, she bursts out, “What’s up Brighton Pride?” The crowd doesn’t seem to mind, cheering on the singer the entire time.

Brighton Pride is a three day event in the United Kingdom celebrating the LGBT community. Clearly feeling bad about her mistake, Spears posted multiple tweets expressing her gratitude.

In fairness to Britney, she’s used to lip syncing the city/venue.

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