Paris Hilton’s Skin Care Line Is More Important Than Her Wedding

Paris Hilton is going to get married. Just on her time.

Here’s what Kathy Hilton told Us Weekly on the state of her daughter’s wedding:

“She’s got the new skincare [line], so she’s basically been traveling. She’s really been busy … she has contracts and you have to fulfill all [of] them, you know?“

No, Kathy. I do not know. Please explain to me how the complicated life of Paris Hilton works.

Hilton got engaged to Chris Zylka all the way back in January. Hilton thought her 20-carat ring was stolen at a club a few months ago. But it turns out she was just partying too hard and her ring flew off. We’ve all been there before.

Poor girl, since her engagement, Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber got engaged (not to each other), stealing the spotlight from Hilton. She’s probably waiting until they set a date so her big day doesn’t get overshadowed by more relevant stars.

Kathy went on to say that Paris’ wedding will be, “Beautiful and, hopefully, what she likes. She’ll have her say in it.”

I sure would hope Hilton would have a say in her own wedding. But maybe her super exclusive contracts took the wedding power out of her hands?

Longtime readers will know that former friend Lindsay Lohan will not invited to the wedding. But don’t worry, TMZ is sure to ask them both about it at least five more times until Hilton says “I Do.”

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