Hailey Baldwin Will Support Justin Bieber While He Thinks of Another Woman

Selena Gomez’s recent kidney transplant and emotional breakdown has left Justin Bieber distraught. And not the kind of distraught you get when you drop your entire ice cream cone on the ground after you just bought it. No. Like, real distraught. Even though they’ve broken up and Bieber is now married to a girl everyone says is a model but who I know only as the one Alec Baldwin didn’t call a “rude thoughtless pig”, Bieber still has a lot of feelings for Selena and these recent events have him shaken. His wife, Hailey Baldwin, is giving him her full support though.

“She’s totally stepped up to support Justin through all his emotions on this,” the insider tells With reports claiming that Justin and Hailey’s marriage would have been one of the contributing factors triggering Selena’s “breakdown,” it’s no wonder that Justin might have a lot weighing on his mind. “[Hailey’s] his rock right now,” the insider adds. “With all the history that Justin and Selena have, this isn’t easy for anyone. But, Hailey is putting aside all her feelings and just being there for Justin and letting him process everything.” Kudos for Hailey for this, as her vows probably included her standing by Justin “for better or for worse,” and not “when your ex-girlfriend goes through a crisis.”

Putting aside your feelings as your significant other sobs away through the night over their ex can’t be easy for anyone. Which is why I assume Hailey has a pillow with a Selena Gomez mask taped to it that she punches every night after she rocks Justin to sleep.

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