Kanye West Wants to Turn Uganda Into ‘Jurassic Park’


I’m not sure Kanye West can tell reality from fiction anymore. I’m almost 100% sure that when Kanye showed President Trump his idea for an “iPlane” that it was drawn in crayon. And now Kanye West met with another world leader, President Yoweri K Museveni of Uganda, and told him he should turn his country into Jurassic Park. Guys… guys… I think Kanye West thinks there are still dinosaurs. Like, seriously, his Jurassic Park idea was part of of a plan to increase tourism, according to Page Six.

And sources told Page Six on Monday that West is most likely going to extend his trip in Uganda after talking with the president about tourism, telling Museveni he thinks the country should be like “Jurassic Park.”

“Kanye wants to get involved in creating a tourism and hospitality school for higher education,” says a source.

I’m not sure I want a dude who thinks there are dinosaurs in charge of higher education.

During the meeting, we hear that Museveni also asked Kardashian about why she needed to leave early, and that the reality star told him she had to go back to work.

“The president then asked what her job is and Kim, very politely, said that she had a TV show with sisters and family, and they were all waiting for her return,” the source said.

I find it hard to describe what Kim Kardashian does “work.” Watching her show is work, making it just her and her sisters being extra. Museveni tweeted about the meeting afterwards.

Yeah, dude, but his idea to increase tourism is dinosaurs. Sweet shoes, though.

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