Megan Fox Body Double Kerri Parker Is Choosing Weed Over Chemo to Treat Her Cancer

Cancer sucks. It’s a shitty thing that happens at random to people who don’t deserve the slow and painful deaths it can cause. As Steve Jobs unfortunately learned too late, the best medicine for cancer isn’t laughter or new age hippie bullshit, it’s chemotherapy.

Model, Playboy bunny and Megan Fox body double Kerri Parker has her own ideas on how to treat her brain cancer: smoking weed.

“I know using cannabis means I could be put in prison but I truly believe it is the only chance I have of living right now.

She lives in the UK and it’s entirely fucked up that weed is still illegal. It is entirely harmless and can help cancer patients deal with the side effects of treatments better than most other things. There’s also a chance it could actually help fight cancer, but that’s actually something that hasn’t been proven.

“I’ve been working hard over the past few years. I’m training for a black belt in martial arts and I’m the fittest and healthiest I’ve been, so when doctors say they want me to have treatment which will make me sick, it makes no sense to me.

“I don’t want my hair to fall out from chemo, or my face burned from radiotherapy. I train daily, run a model academy and a nutrition business and I don’t want having cancer to affect all of this.

“Cannabis has helped many others with cancer. I’m willing to put faith in it too. I can’t imagine any judge would convict a girl for using cannabis to save her life. It’s a risk I’m ready to take.”

I hope it works out for her and she get back to being healthy and taking more pictures like these soon.  Just remember the iPhone sucks now because Steve Jobs thought there were better ways to fight cancer than chemo.

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